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The PURELL® SKILCRAFT® ES8 Dispenser System combines the most trusted name in hand hygiene with a revolutionary dispenser system. Monitor product levels quickly with the AT-A-GLANCE™ design and use the optional SMARTLINK™ plug-in modules to track hand hygiene compliance and receive alerts when dispensers need service. Dispenser system comes with choice of gentle-on-the-skin soaps that remove 99% of dirt and grime, or fragrance-free hand sanitizer clinically proved to maintain skin health and kill more than 99% of most common germs. Dispensers provided free with qualifying orders. NSN 8520-00-NIB-0215, PURELL® SKILCRAFT® ES8 Soap Dispenser (Graphite) and NSN 8520-00-NIB-0218, PURELL® SKILCRAFT® ES8 Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (White). Contact Travis Association for the Blind Customer Service at 1-888-217-7232 for more information on SMARKLINK.
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